Hydrogen filling station in the Port of Hamburg

Ham­bur­ger Hafen und Logis­tik AG (HHLA) has com­mis­sio­ned Lin­de Engi­nee­ring to build a hydro­gen fil­ling sta­ti­on within the scope of its Clean Port & Logi­stics inno­va­ti­on clus­ter. The fil­ling sta­ti­on will be part of the test cent­re for hydro­gen-powered port logi­stics at the Con­tai­ner Ter­mi­nal Tol­ler­ort (CTT) in the Port of Hamburg.

The hydro­gen fil­ling sta­ti­on is being deve­lo­ped within the scope of HHLA’s Clean Port & Logi­stics clus­ter to fuel hydro­gen-powered hea­vy goods vehic­les and ter­mi­nal equip­ment and to test them in ope­ra­ti­on. HHLA will ope­ra­te the fil­ling sta­ti­on as part of its clus­ter acti­vi­ties in the Port of Ham­burg. Lin­de Engi­nee­ring and HHLA are thus crea­ting a relia­ble refuel­ling infra­struc­tu­re for hea­vy equip­ment in the Port of Ham­burg. The fil­ling sta­ti­on is expec­ted to begin ope­ra­ti­on in 2023.

The heart of the fil­ling sta­ti­on is an ener­gy-effi­ci­ent high-pres­su­re ionic com­pres­sor that com­pres­ses the hydro­gen up to 450 bar. This will allow equip­ment such as stradd­le car­ri­ers, emp­ty con­tai­ner sta­ckers, for­k­lift trucks, reach sta­ckers, ter­mi­nal trac­tor units and trucks to be refuel­led with hydro­gen effi­ci­ent­ly. Moreo­ver, the fil­ling sta­ti­on incor­po­ra­tes various opti­ons for expansion.

“Our com­mis­sio­ning of Lin­de Engi­nee­ring to build the hydro­gen fil­ling sta­ti­on is the next mile­stone for our hydro­gen acti­vi­ties in the Clean Port & Logi­stics clus­ter. With the con­s­truc­tion of the fil­ling sta­ti­on, the requi­red infra­struc­tu­re is now being crea­ted to speed up the tran­si­ti­on to emis­si­ons-free hea­vy goods logi­stics and port ope­ra­ti­ons, and to dri­ve for­ward the decar­bo­ni­sa­ti­on of logi­stics,” explains Dr Georg Bött­ner, head of the HHLA Hydro­gen Network.

“We are deligh­ted to sup­port this for­ward-loo­king pro­ject with our tech­no­lo­gy. Effi­ci­ent, and most important­ly, safe refuel­ling of various hydro­gen vehic­les is essen­ti­al for sus­tainable and seam­less port ope­ra­ti­ons,” empha­si­s­es Dr Alex­an­der Unter­schütz, Exe­cu­ti­ve Vice Pre­si­dent Com­pon­ents, Lin­de Engineering.

HHLA estab­lished Clean Port & Logi­stics (CPL) as an inno­va­ti­on clus­ter to test hydro­gen-powered equip­ment in port logi­stics. The aim of the pro­ject is to exami­ne how hydro­gen can be used to relia­bly sup­p­ly power to har­bour tech­no­lo­gy and port logi­stics. HHLA is working with part­ner com­pa­nies from around the world to deve­lop solu­ti­ons to bring hydro­gen-powered hea­vy goods vehic­les and ter­mi­nal equip­ment to mar­ket quick­ly and to put in place the mea­su­res neces­sa­ry for their use. The con­cepts deve­lo­ped for ope­ra­ti­on, safe­ty, repair, main­ten­an­ce, refuel­ling and sup­p­ly are tes­ted and opti­mi­sed in prac­ti­cal ope­ra­ti­on. The heart of the CPL inno­va­ti­on clus­ter is a test cent­re at HHLA Con­tai­ner Ter­mi­nal Tol­ler­ort in Ham­burg, whe­re hydro­gen-powered equip­ment can be tes­ted on actu­al port hand­ling ope­ra­ti­ons and hea­vy goods transport.

The clus­ter is spon­so­red by the Fede­ral Minis­try of Trans­port and Digi­tal Infra­struc­tu­re as part of a natio­nal inno­va­ti­on pro­gram­me for hydro­gen and fuel cell tech­no­lo­gy. The fun­ding gui­de­lines are coor­di­na­ted by NOW GmbH and imple­men­ted by Pro­ject Manage­ment Jülich (PTJ).

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